A Treasure Box For My Bullshit


I suppose this is a place for my stuff. A dumpster on the interwebs in which I can leave my brain-babies.
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Melting aluminum with an electromagnet.


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Wenzel Jamnitzer. Perspectiva Corporum Regularium. 1568.

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Brendan Monroe

Currently I live and work in Oakland, California with my wife Evah and our cat Jalapeño. Once in a while I take on illustration commissions, but most of the time I paint and sculpt for exhibitions. I think it’s important to constantly challenge oneself with new ideas and new mediums. My interpretations of the world are mostly rooted in science then executed through painting and sculpting. These are the best ways for me to communicate, but I always enjoy making other things as well.

Brendan Monroe

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richard buckminster fuller.
the geodesic dome.
montreal, canada.

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